Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The principals of Edmisten & Associates, Ecological Consultants and Bosso-Imhof, Environmental Sciences are delighted to announce their merger and formation of Biome Consulting Group. The merger culminates a 20-year relationship between the two firms and results in a greatly enhanced capacity to serve their existing and future clients.

Both Edmisten and Bosso-Imhof have pioneered ecological and environmental regulatory-compliance consulting in the central Gulf Coast meriting many accolades and achievements. Not content to merely enjoy their successes in the industry, the firms are eager to position for larger and more comprehensive ecological studies particularly in light of the present emphasis on restoration ecology associated with the Restore Act funding.

As a regional property owner, municipality, industry, or developer you likely have a trusted relationship with either Edmisten or Bosso-Imhof. We would like you to know that that trust is supremely important to us and that the firms share identical professional and ethical standards as well as complementary philosophical approach, and technical brilliance. Biome Consulting Group retains the essence and excellence of the founding firms while generating a remarkable synergy that significantly augments the capabilities of the individual companies.

We are ecstatic about the formation of Biome Consulting Group and know that you will share our enthusiasm when next you require our services. If you have questions about an existing or upcoming project we would value the opportunity to talk with you in person.


Kind Regards,
Chris Bosso, Pat Imhof, Sean O’Toole, & Glen Miley
Founding Principals,
Biome Consulting Group


Edmisten & Associates

Ecological Consultants

  • Before You Buy

    Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals can evaluate your project site for the presence of wetlands, protected species, and other factors that may limit development potential.  We can also handle due diligence investigations that may be required by your bank.

  • Before You Begin

    There are numerous authorizations that may be required for your development project. We will work with your other design professionals to obtain various environmental permits from federal, state, and local governments.

  • Before You Build

    Obtaining permits is not the end of the process! We can assist you with mitigation, conservation easements, permit compliance and other items that must be addressed before you build.

  • Bonus
    (Other Services)

    Edmisten & Associates provides numerous ecological services not related to development including litigation assistance, tax strategies, educational seminars, nature trails, and copy writing.

Over 30 years of leadership on environmental regulatory compliance issues

Dr. Joe A. Edmisten is one of the leading ecologists and environmental consultants in the Southeast and Caribbean and has been so for over 30 years. He has built a team of professional scientists ready to offer a rapid and intelligent response to environmental regulatory compliance issues.

Edmisten & Associates are members of the Society of Wetland Scientists and our team includes certified Professional Wetland Scientists.

How can we help you?

Environmental regulatory compliance issues can be complex. We are more than happy to answer your questions with no obligation. We’ll let you know if we can help.

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